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Country comparison. Select one or several countries/regions in the menu below to see the values for the 6 dimensions. Go further, discover our cultural survey tool, the Culture Compass™ or join our open programme Introduction to Cross-Cultural Management Germany is among the uncertainty avoidant countries (65); the score is on the high end, so there is a slight preference for Uncertainty Avoidance. In line with the philosophical heritage of Kant, Hegel and Fichte there is a strong preference for deductive rather than inductive approaches, be it in thinking, presenting or planning: the systematic overview has to be given in order to proceed. Comparison of 4 countries: US, China, Germany and Brazil in all 6 dimensions of the model. Hofstede developed his original model as a result of using factor analysis to examine the results of a worldwide survey of employee values by IBM between 1967 and 1973. It has been refined since. The original theory proposed four dimensions along which cultural values could be analyzed: individualism. (Hofstede, 2001). Hence, Germans are less comfortable with uncertainty and more reluctant to take risks, whereas U.S.-Americans are more likely to favor risky alternatives. In terms of discussion behavior, Germans are more likely to carefully analyze problems and critically evaluate possible alternatives There is a claim that German graduates aren't as well prepared or educated because Germany spends far less than other countries per student. For example, the United States spends $24,370 per student while Germany spends $10,474 per student. Although more students enroll in higher education in and more graduate in Germany; they lack graduates in areas of science and engineering (spending)

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  1. imum and proceed with changes step by step. The United States scores a 46 compared to the 65 of the German culture
  2. Hofstede comparison of Germany and China. Hofstede's Five Dimensions Hofstede's five dimensions are a useful tool to give someone an... View more. University. Southern New Hampshire University. Course. Human Resource Management (OL211) Academic year. 2016/201
  3. Compare and Contrast the Relative Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions of Usa, China, Germany and India 2265 Words | 10 Pages. Compare and contrast the relative hofstede's cultural dimensions of USA, CHINA, GERMANY AND INDIA Submitted by Mohammed Mohsin.K 211103 Section E 2nd year PGDM SJCBA Geert Hofstede is an influential Dutch researcher in the fields of organizational studies and more.
  4. For example, Germany has a masculine culture with a 66 on the scale of Hofstede (Netherlands 14). Masculine traits include assertiveness, materialism/material success, self-centeredness, power, strength, and individual achievements. The United States scored a 62 on Hofstede's scale. So these two cultures share, in terms of masculinity, similar values
  5. For example, Germany can be considered as individualistic with a relatively high score (67) on the scale of Hofstede compared to a country like Guatemala where they have strong collectivism (6 on the scale). In Germany people stress on personal achievements and individual rights. Germans expect from each other to fulfil their own needs

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  1. Germany is a Masculine society with a score of 66 (Hofstede n.d. B). High value is given to performance to develop self-esteem from their assignments and tasks, living just in order to work. Managers are ambitious and decisive, pushing the self-confidence of employees for best outcomes. People are conscious about their status (Hofstede n.d. B)
  2. Hofstede's work has always been controversial. It has been widely applied to international management and is still a mainstay of many corporate intercultural training programmes. However, the model is also increasingly criticised for its limitations such as old data, one company approach and too few dimensions. There is no doubt that Hofstede's model remains one of the most valuable pieces.
  3. Hofstede´s first dimension is the Power Distance Index. This dimension describes howfar subordinate groups tolerate the unequal distribution of power and the emotional distance between an employer and an employee (Comp. Geert Hofstede 2011, p. 51 and p.57). Cultures with a high level of Power Distance have a very unbalanced distributionof power. This means that these cultures have a strict.

THE GERMAN SYMPHONY Reflects German society and culture Diversity, positional arrangement, conductor but unified sound. Diversity- Since 1950 Germany is diversified. Germany was united for only 74 years. Maintain physical distance. Compartmentalization On the Hofstede's scale of cultural analysis, Germany has a score of 35 whereas USA has a score of 40.These are fairly low scores for both countries. This means that the two countries have strong belief in equality among their citizens in terms of wealth and power with Germany citizens experiencing more of this equality than USA which has a slightly higher Power distance score Germany- Hofstede Analysis Germany is known for its majestic scenery and terrain. There is incredible chocolate, beer and of course, the unique architecture Hofstede explains this result by the emotionally dependence of French people regarding their parents, teachers or superiors. That is why a fair degree of inequality is accepted. The company's hierarchical structure in France is a central aspect: there are, on average, one or two hierarchical levels more than a comparable company in Germany. Moreover superiors have privileges and are often.

This statement of Geert Hofstede lets us only roughly suspect how difficult it is to really define the term culture. How is the German and Chinese mind programmed? In order to compare a culture to another it is nevertheless necessary to set some dimensions which make an equal comparing possible. The following diagram shows the differences in scoring between China and Germany according to Geert. German Culture According to the Hofstede Model Bio-Med has chosen to use the Hofstede model as one of the ways to understand the German culture. The model divides German culture into six categories; power distance, individualism, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, pragmatism and indulgence (Hofstede, 2014). The model then applies a numerical score to each category German Work Ethic Overview. Defining the Five Dimensions of Germany According to the website of Professor Hofstede Germany is highly decentralised and supported by a strong middle class (Hofstede), and also that control is disliked and leadership is challenged to show expertise and best accepted when it's based on it (Hofstede)

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Compare and contrast the relative hofstede's cultural dimensions of USA, CHINA, GERMANY AND INDIA Submitted by Mohammed Mohsin.K 211103 Section E 2nd year PGDM SJCBA Geert Hofstede is an influential Dutch researcher in the fields of organizational studies and more concretely organizational culture, also cultural economics and management.

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